The organization is engaged in wide array of activities including production of the first comprehensive guidebook on Mongolia for domestic travelers in accordance with international standards. It is heavily focused on sustainable tourism practices and practical interactive information on given areas. Comprises of many professionally taken photos and high resolution maps and drawings, which make the guidebooks highly attractive yet accurate and informative. Series will consists of 21 books on 21 different provinces of the country. First two books have been published and these are Umnogobi and Bayan Ulgii. Next books to be published are Dornod, Bayankhongor and Hovsgol.

Bayan-Ulgii guidebook

As a prime destination for mountaineering and alpine trekking travel Bayan Ulgii has drawn interest from near and far. The guidebook is a first attempt to help domestic travellers who are planning a trip to high Altai region, including practical tips not only on lodging, meals and roads, but also cultural sensitivity and ways to work with local Kazakh population.

Umnogobi guidebook

First professional guidebook to one of Mongolia’s provinces, with photos, maps and drawings aimed to lead a domestic traveler to the province of Umnogobi with contact lists for local ger/home stays, family run cafes, information on places of interest, maps, local tales and stories, plants and birds and many more.

Next guidebooks to come are Bayankhongor, Hovsgol and Dornod with 16 more provinces and the city of Ulaanbaatar.

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