Conservation through tourism

Wildlife viewing and educational travel

We believe in conservation through support of community based tourism and education. In association with the Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society, Snow Leopard Trust, American Center for Mongolian Studies, the Mongol Ecology Center and other organizations and individuals we promote wildlife viewing tour efforts where supporters and tourists alike come to witness great programs by these organizations as well as to see some of the rarest and unique wildlife in the region, including the elusive Snow Leopard, Manuul Cat, Wild Khavtgai Camel, Argali Sheep, Ibex, Khulan, Przewalski horses, Saiga antelope, Mongolian Gazelle. All of these programs designed to involve local population in conservation by showing ways to benefit from protecting the wild animals, birds and plants rather than from exploiting and exterminating them. UBTA supports and promotes tour programs that involve cooperation of professional tour companies with research institutions, including Universities and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and conduct scientific and research programs. These include but not limited to paleontological and archaeological research trips, bird-watching and wildlife viewing trips to facilitate research of respective institutions.

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